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Sony first-party studio Firesprite is moving to a new office – and an absolutely gigantic one at that. The team, which currently occupies the roughly ~2,000 square foot Vanilla Factory, is moving to the former Bibby Line headquarters in Liverpool, UK’s Ropewalks district – and it’s taking over the entire ~50,000 square foot building. That’s absolutely enormous!

The building, named Duke & Parr, actually includes a former library – but it’s all been converted into a modern office space. Looking at some of the photos, it does look like an incredible location – there’s even a basement! Apparently, developer Firesprite has signed a ten year lease, so looks set to occupy the property for the foreseeable future.

It’s just another signal of the studio’s outrageous and rapid growth. Firesprite is already Sony’s biggest developer in the UK, and is working on multiple projects – including Horizon Call of the Mountain, a purported narrative horror game, and an alleged Twisted Metal reboot. Lots to look forward to from the promising new team, then.