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Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Appetite for the PS5 is soaring in China, a targeted growth territory for Sony following its mild success in the country with the PS4. In a recent investor meeting, the platform holder noted that sales of its new-gen console are 2.7x higher than they were with the PS4 within the same 72 week launch period – and that’s despite supply constraints. Furthermore, average cumulative spend per active device is up significantly, and PS Plus subscribers have more than trebled.

All of this means that China is currently the sixth biggest market for PS5, behind the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and France. The PS5 stock situation could potentially be preventing other regions from overtaking it, but ultimately the evidence is clear: PlayStation is growing in China at an impressive rate.

As a result, the platform holder has established a new division named the China Software Business Department, which will be led by an executive named Sean Kelly. It’s unclear exactly what the remit of this branch will be, but presumably one of its roles will involve signing deals with locally developed games, as we’ve seen recently with the China Hero Project.

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