We are awash with rogue-likes and rogue-lites these days, but the formula can be excellent when executed well, so we don't mind. Ship of Fools, published by Team 17 and developed by Fika Productions, is another swing at this popular genre, and it's setting itself apart by putting you (and a co-op partner) on a boat.

Sailing the seas between the islands of an archipelago, your job is to rescue the land from The Everlasting Storm, as well as a whole bunch of hostile creatures. It looks like the majority of the game is spent on your ship, Stormstrider, tackling enemies with cannons and oars while patching up any damage. As well as combat, you'll use harpoons to secure loot from the waters, moor up to explore islands, and survive long enough to challenge the final boss.

There will be multiple playable characters, some of which you need to unlock, and you'll need to upgrade your crew to ensure your ultimate victory across several runs. It looks pretty promising — the co-op angle should make it a good laugh at the very least.

Ship of Fools drops anchor on PS5 sometime in 2022. Are you excited for this one? Take to the water in the comments section below.