Hyenas has just been announced over on IGN. What the heck is Hyenas? Well, we're still figuring it out — but the basics are that it's a team-based, zero-gravity first-person shooter, developed by Creative Assembly, and it's coming to both PS5 and PS4.

As you can see in the debut trailer, it's got a stylised, illustrated look and a tongue-in-cheek tone. The context is that the rich have made it to Mars and left most of Earth's populace behind, but they're shipping swathes of pop-culture stuff to their new home — and the Hyenas, a rag-tag group of rebels, aim to put a stop to the party by stealing all that merchandise back.

However, your group won't be the only one looking to stick it to the wealthy Martians. The game pits five teams of three against each other (as well as AI-controlled threats), so you'll need your wits about you if you want to succeed. Precisely how zero-g will affect gameplay is unclear, though it's probably safe to assume you'll be able to move very freely in your pursuit of loot.

This seems tailor made for crossover content — we even see our good pal Sonic for a second — and is almost assuredly free-to-play, though that detail hasn't been confirmed just yet. There's no date on the game, but you can sign up for the alpha test (initially PC only) on the official website.

Weird one! What do you make of Hyenas? Steal from the rich in the comments section below.

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