This is a game that completely passed us by. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright previously launched on Xbox earlier in the year, but it's now been confirmed for release on PS4, and it looks pretty good.

Set within the notebook of an aspiring game designer named Kenta, this intriguing title has you tackling the adventure of the titular Wright as he passes across each page. It looks like you'll fight monsters, solve puzzles, and meet plenty of characters, as you would in a traditional RPG, but everything has a hand-made, arts and crafts feel that gives the game a novel edge.

You'll also be able to use a handful of objects to impact the on-page action; an example in the trailer sees you erasing part of a pathway using, well, an eraser. Whether these will be one-time gimmicks or fleshed out mechanics, we're not sure, but it looks fun at any rate.

RPG Time heads to PS4 on 18th August 2022, so it's not far away. What do you think of it? Note down your thoughts in the comments section below.