OlliOlli World is already a banger, and now developer Roll7 has just made it bigger. Void Riders is the first DLC for the side-scrolling skateboard title, and it's available right now on PS5 and PS4. Check out the launch trailer above, which goes through the new features it adds.

First and foremost is a new gameplay feature, tractor beams, which can extend your air significantly by pulling you back up. Similarly, alien beams are levitating certain portions of each new stage, meaning you'll be grinding across floating beams for some out of this world combos. As well as that, there's new cosmetics to unlock and new characters to meet.

Most importantly, it's more OlliOlli World, which is fine with us. The DLC can be bought standalone for £7.99 / $9.99, but it's also included in the Expansion Pass. Will you be checking out Void Riders on PS5 and PS4? Firecracker down into the comments section below.