Bright Memory: Infinite, the quick-fire FPS from FYQD Studio, will launch on PS5 later this year. Originally released for PC in 2021, the game will support raytracing at 60 frames-per-second – or there will be an alternative 120 frames-per-second option available, for those who seek the quickest response times possible.

In addition to smooth performance and visuals, the developer is also promising adaptive trigger support for the DualSense controller – although, irritatingly, it sounds like gyro aiming will be available on the Nintendo Switch only. It’s bizarre how developers keep failing to implement this feature on PlayStation consoles.

“Bright Memory: Infinite combines the skilful gunplay of first-person shooters with the intense swordplay of hack-and-slash action games,” the blurb reads. “Combine shots, slashes, acrobatic manoeuvres, and psychic powers to combo through futuristic soldiers and demons from ancient Chinese mythology. Unlock new abilities through a deep, branching skill tree.”

The PS5 version will also include all of the cosmetic unlocks from the PC release at launch, including some, er, interesting choices of attire!