In case you didn't know, Fall Guys has made some big strides lately. The game now has a native PS5 version, launched on other consoles, and has adopted a free-to-play structure. That's quite a lot of change for the 60-player battle royale platformer, and developer Mediatonic has celebrated in style.

With some marketing money in hand, the game's community team travelled to the British coastal town of Skegness and, er, sponsored a public bench. Yeah, there's an official Fall Guys bench now. In Skegness. Watch the thrilling reveal:

As you can see, this was a massively exciting event, complete with full body Fall Guys costumes, musicians playing the theme song, and even the Mayor of Skegness himself. He officially opens the bench to the world with a Fall Guys plaque — it even had a little curtain for the big reveal.

This is obviously quite silly, but we'd be lying if we said there isn't a part of us that now wants to visit the bench. Push Square staff day out to Skegness? Just putting that out there.