Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy PS2

Who needs professional game developers, right? Tech-savvy fans of the original Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy are taking matters into their own hands, porting the classic PS2 platformer to play on modern PCs. This isn't an emulation job; the group's aim is to get the game running natively on PC by basically retooling the entire thing.

On the project's GitHub page, it's explained how this works. Without getting too deep into game dev jargon, the team is deconstructing the PS2 game's code — written in a bespoke language created by Naughty Dog — and then recompiling the code for x86-64. Essentially, fans are breaking Jak and Daxter down to its core and rebuilding it using their own tools.

It seems like a super impressive effort. Not only will the game run on PC, it'll even have some modern tweaks, like subtitle and resolution options, and they've also made the Precursor orbs easier to spot. The actual gameplay will be identical, however. This isn't an officially recognised project, but it looks as though the people working on this are handling it with care.

It's worth noting that the PS2 Jak and Daxter games are pretty easy to play on modern consoles. The main trilogy and Jak X are available individually or as a collection on PS4, and all four of them are included with PS Plus Premium. This will be the first time the series comes natively to PC, though.

With Sony's efforts to officially bring its back catalogue to PC, this fan-made port doesn't seem that out of the ordinary. There's no word on precisely when the project will be complete, or how the application will be made available.

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[source github.com, via kotaku.com]