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Precisely what Overwatch 2 is has been a question on the lips of fans since its announcement. It's billed as a sequel, but the way Blizzard has spoken about it in the past made it sound more like a glorified game update. Now we know the hero shooter is finally coming soon, a hazy detail has now been clarified. When it launches, it will replace the original Overwatch wholesale.

Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Aaron Keller — director of Overwatch 2 — confirmed as much: "When OW2 launches on Oct 4th it will be a replacement for the current Live Service," he says. This means that the original Overwatch will not be playable past 4th October, so players will need to upgrade to the sequel. Fortunately, it's free-to-play, so at least there's no barrier to entry.

As pointed out by IGN, the original idea was that players in both games would be able to play together simultaneously, but it seems as though fundamental game changes have put a stopper on that. Overwatch 2 features 5v5 matches, whereas the first game was 6v6, so the two just aren't compatible anymore. Forcing everyone into the sequel will mean the userbase stays together.

It's a very interesting situation; we can't recall another example of one game completely replacing its predecessor in this manner.

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