Death Stranding PS5 PS4

During the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, it was revealed that Kojima Productions is partnering with Microsoft on a new project. Exactly what this new game will be remains a mystery, though the auteur game designer says it's something he's always wanted to make. Kojima is also calling it something "no one has ever experienced before", so it's a pretty exciting prospect. However, some Sony fans are worried this means the studio is done with PlayStation.

Of course, that isn't the case. Kojima Productions is a wholly independent team, and will be seeking out opportunities and pitching ideas to publishers just like any other studio. With this new project leaning into cloud technology and Xbox looking to broaden its appeal with more Japanese games, this collaboration definitely makes sense. All that said, an exclusive game for one platform doesn't necessarily mean another will fall by the wayside.

To make things crystal clear, Kojima Productions has released the following statement on the matter:

Not long ago, there were rumours that Sony was planning to buy out Kojima Productions, something that was refuted by Kojima himself. For the studio, it's definitely beneficial to be platform agnostic, at least for now. Hopefully this tweet will placate the team's most impassioned fans on PlayStation for the time being. It does appear that we'll be getting Death Stranding 2 at some point (thanks, Norman!) so there's always that to look forward to.