We hear a lot of talk about games that are AAA, AA, etc. depending mainly on their development budgets. The terms themselves are kind of whatever — where a game falls on that spectrum doesn't really matter — but we'll be damned if MX vs. ATV Legends doesn't look like the most AA game in the world. We don't necessarily mean that as a bad thing, either.

This swift new trailer has popped up on PlayStation's YouTube channel, and it gives off such a mid-budget vibe. The off-road racer, coming to PS5 and PS4 in just a couple of weeks, is the latest in a series that has remained a AA offering since its inception, and it looks like it should be great fun. Sure, the presentation can't match up to the AAA competition, but Legends looks like a promising, arcadey experience if you're into mudslides, stunts, and knobbly tyres.

We're definitely here for AA titles like MX vs. ATV Legends, but how are you feeling about this game? Will you be kicking up dirt on 28th June? Mid-air backflip off a motorbike in the comments section below.

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