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Minecraft's long-awaited free update, The Wild, is now live, and it introduces the brand new Deep Dark biome, along with a veritable boatload of changes, fixes, and improvements and additions. Also, frogs and eldritch nightmares.

The Deep Dark is a dimly-lit and eerie area that can be found far beneath the surface of each Minecraft world. Venturing beneath the depths is not without its risks, but the intrepid will be rewarded with new kinds of crafting materials and relics that you can carry back to the surface... Provided you can avoid the monstrous Warden, that is.

The Wild update is now live, and free, so whether you are a veteran or simply looking for a reason to return, the world of Minecraft just got a whole lot deeper?

Will you be exploring the new Deep Dark biome? Or, like us, are you too afraid of those freaky Zombies as things stand now? Tunnel your way into the comments section below.

[source minecraft.net, via nintendolife.com]