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Major changes are coming to Dead by Daylight, the nightmarish asymmetrical horror game that brings all of fiction's most terrifying characters to life.

Developer Behaviour Interactive's stated goal is to shake up the meta of the game and to make players consider new strategies and tactics.

The game's progression system is getting an overhaul, and the way perks unlock are getting a revamp as well.

With these new changes, when you prestige a character, it will unlock Tier 1 perks for all characters, reducing the amount of grinding required drastically. But for those that want something to work towards, prestige tiers have been increased to 100, with more unlockable rewards being added,

Behaviour noticed that Killer kill rates were lower than expected, and so changes will be made to bring the murder rate back up to an acceptable level. Similarly, it will now take longer for Survivors to power up generators, heightening the tension.

These changes will hit the public test build today on PC, and make their way to consoles in early July. You can read the full list of changes on the Dead by Daylight forum.

Are you up to date with Dead by Daylight? Share your survival strategies, or your murder methods, in the comments section below.

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