The .hack series started life on PS2 20 years ago today (20th June) in Japan. The role-playing franchise has always had a fairly unique premise, transporting players to a game within a game. 'The World' is an MMORPG in which the series takes place, although in most of the .hack titles, story twists usually up the stakes so that you're not just watching gamers get upset over online drama.

Anyway, Bandai Namco's celebrating the property's anniversary with the above trailer, which reveals a 20th anniversary art book, alongside other bits and pieces like a soundtrack collection. What's more, a .hack exhibit will open its doors in August — although you'll need to visit Tokyo to go and see it.

The most recent .hack release was .hack//G.U. Last Recode on PS4, a remastered package which launched back in 2017 to celebrate the series' 15th anniversary. You can grab it especially cheap these days, if you're looking for a decent gateway into the franchise. We gave it a 7/10 in our .hack//G.U. Last Recode review.

Funnily enough, there are plenty of rumours going around regarding another remaster — and they may not be far from the truth, seeing as Bandai Namco trademarked something called 'Last Recollection' earlier in the year.

Would you like to see .hack continue in some way? Maybe you'd settle for another remastered collection? Log into The World in the comments section below.