Enemy of the State PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Video games take a long time to make these days, but this one’s been 100 years in the making. Not literally, of course – but Enemy of the State is set in the 1920s, so you kinda get what we’re trying to do with that gag. God loves a trier! Anyway, the title’s pegged for a mid-2024 release, so don’t expect to be playing it any time soon.

Published by Movie Games – that’s a real company, we checked – and developed by Brave Lamb Studio, this actually looks pretty cool. It’s set in the Prohibition era, and is effectively an isometric shooter with co-op support – similar, perhaps, to titles like Dead Nation. You’ll be able to choose your character’s background, and you’ll be able to customise your playstyle in a variety of ways.

Obviously, this is a long way away, but there’s talk of syndicates you’ll be able to create enabling you to compete online, and even an interactive, customisable hub. It’s a nice idea with some decent art thus far, but obviously with the release still at least two years away, it’s hard to get too excited right now.

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