We were expecting to see Horizon Call of the Mountain during State of Play, but Horizon Forbidden West got a moment in the spotlight too. Turns out Guerrilla Games isn't done with the open world RPG just yet, as it has announced and released a major update that introduces all sorts of new features.

First and foremost, this big update adds New Game + mode, allowing you to play the game from the beginning using all your endgame gear from your first playthrough. However, that's just the start. This patch also improves the visual fidelity of the game's Performance mode, adds in the ability to transmog outfits, introduces the option to redistribute your Skill Points, and throws in Extra Hard mode for good measure. The cherry on top is new weapons to find as well as a handful of new Trophies to unlock.

It sounds like a bonkers update to an already massive game, and it's available to download and install right now. Will you be checking out these new features in Horizon Forbidden West? Tell us in the comments section below.