The latest State of Play was so good that even Sony selected the indies it spotlighted with care. Often, impatient gamers will complain that the pacing of presentations is broken by titles with smaller budgets than your traditional AAAs, but so strong was the execution of the Japanese giant’s latest presentation that it actually raised the profiles of some promising, otherwise unknown releases.

Rollerdrome is one of those, which looks supremely slick. This is being developed by OlliOlli World makers Roll7, so it comes with pedigree. But in addition to the renowned gameplay chops, this release just looks the part – as proven by the screenshot gallery on this page. It’s using an artstyle inspired by 1970s comic books – we’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

The game’s scheduled to release on 16th August for PS5 and PS4, so you haven’t actually got long to wait to play it. Is this on your radar at all? ‘Blade your way into the comments section below, and be sure to let us know.