Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Stream

Square Enix has just announced that it'll be doing a 25th anniversary broadcast for Final Fantasy VII, which is potentially very exciting news. However, said broadcast will only be ten minutes long, so this isn't some huge showcase.

Still, ten minutes is more than enough time for Square Enix to finally unveil Final Fantasy VII Remake 2, which, let's be honest, is why we'll all be watching this thing to begin with. Of course, this could be a massive troll — it could just be ten minutes of updates on mobile title Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, or news on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis.

But we'd like to think Square Enix isn't that tone deaf — this is obviously a great time to reveal Remake 2 now that Final Fantasy XVI is locked in for 2023. And for what it's worth, the press release for this broadcast does reference Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What's more, Remake director (and Remake 2 creative lead) Tetsuya Nomura says that this stream will be "short but sweet", and that Square Enix has "packed in lots of information". What a tease!

Anyway, the 25th anniversary showing will take place on the 16th June at 3PM PDT / 6PM EDT / 11PM BST / 12AM CET (17th). It'll be available to watch on both YouTube and Twitch, and we'll obviously be covering it right here on the site.

Will you be watching? Dust off your buster sword in the comments section below.