Final Fantasy 16 PS5

"It’s only thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5 system that we can make Final Fantasy XVI the roller-coaster ride that it is," says Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida in a new interview with the official PlayStation Blog.

Indeed, it sounds like Yoshida's a big fan of Sony's latest system, his favourite feature being the console's lightning quick load times. "With the boost in processing power, we can obviously make the graphics even richer than we could before, but it’s the super-fast loading times that really impress me," he says.

Yoshida continues: "In Final Fantasy XVI, you jump straight from story cutscenes into real-time battles and back again without any loading times, making the gameplay flow at a breakneck pace."

We don't yet know how long it'll take to beat Final Fantasy XVI, but there's clearly going to be a heavy focus on storytelling and combat. Hopefully the pacing pans out in the finished product, set to release in the summer of 2023.

Do you agree with Yoshida? Are you a big fan of the PS5's speed? Prepare yourself for Final Fantasy XVI in the comments section below.