We're being treated to not one but two Formula One games this summer, and each one takes a different approach to the popular motorsport. F1 22 is Codemasters' traditional yearly racing title that puts players behind the wheel. On the other hand, we have F1 Manager 2022, a brand new management sim that puts you in the shoes of the team principal. Frontier Developments has just debuted gameplay in the new trailer, embedded above.

While the game will of course feature (simulated) racing action, you won't be driving any of the vehicles. Instead, you're behind the scenes, plotting strategies and aiming to secure a win by calling the shots — when to pit, what tyres to use, which drivers and teammates to hire, etc. The gameplay looks pretty intense, presenting you with a huge amount of data while races play out.

So, if you're more into charts and tactics than racing the cars yourself, it might be worth giving this a look. F1 Manager 2022 comes to PS5 and PS4 on 30th August, but if you pre-order, you'll be able to start playing from the 25th August. Are you keen for this management sim? Give us your analysis in the comments section below.