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The Formula One games generally have great handling, but things can always improve. It sounds like F1 22's racing simulation will be enhanced on PS5 due to the DualSense controller and its fancy features. Last year's iteration released on PS5 but didn't really take advantage of the pad's capabilities; it seems like Codemasters is fixing that for this year.

Over on the PS Blog, Senior Game Designer Steven Embling comments on how haptic feedback, the built-in speaker, and adaptive triggers soup up the immersion. "Through utilizing the PS5 DualSense controller’s haptics, the feeling of both collisions and surfaces has been greatly enhanced," he writes. "It gives the ability to communicate individual chunks of surface debris and creates a far more immersive experience to represent the car on a particular part of the track". Embling adds that the feedback is directional, too; if you ride the kerb on the right, you'll only feel it in the right side of the DualSense, for example.

The speaker will be used for the team radio communications, giving you updates while you keep your eyes on the road. As for the adaptive triggers, Codies has hooked them up to your car's tyres. Their slip ratio will affect the triggers, meaning if the wheels lock up from braking, you'll feel that resistance in the trigger. "Likewise, when wheelspin occurs the resistance of the accelerator trigger is increased," Embling continues. "A subtle difference to the resting resistance of the accelerator and brake triggers has also been applied to simulate the difference in pressure needed to fully depress the brake vs accelerator pedals in a real-life F1 car".

We've heard similar stuff before, but it's always encouraging to hear third parties utilising PS5 to its full potential. When done right, the DualSense's bells and whistles can make a huge difference — let's hope this implementation enhances the racing as it promises.

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