Steelrising PS5 Closed Beta

The unusual RPG Steelrising will be treated to a closed beta in August on PS5 before the game ships on 8th September 2022. You gain access through a pre-order on the PS Store, of which there are two versions to choose from. There's the standard edition for £49.99/$49.99, and then the Deluxe Edition that has the Cagliotro's Secrets DLC at £55.99/$59.99.

The pricing options mean Steelrising costs slightly less than your average PS5 release — there's no PS4 version at all. The closed beta in question begins on 25th August 2022, but an end date hasn't been confirmed. Given its very close proximity to the title's release date, you'll likely be playing a version that's at least likely close to final. Maybe treat the beta more like a demo, as such.

As for the Cagliotro's Secrets expansion packaged in the Deluxe Edition, it includes new areas, more enemy types and bosses, another weapon, and a cosmetic pack. Not too bad for an extra £4.99/$4.99. "The city burns and bleeds as it suffers the madness of King Louis XVI and his violent legions of automatons," the PS Store listing reads. "Aegis, a mechanical masterpiece created by the engineer Vaucanson to be the queen's bodyguard, must save the French Revolution in this challenging action-RPG."

Will you be pre-ordering Steelrising in order to access this PS5 closed beta? Let us know in the comments below.