If you're growing tired of AAA open world games, Evil West looks like it could be the perfect tonic. A third-person linear action game from publisher Focus Entertainment, it has a similar combat system to God of War, except replace the Leviathan Axe with cowboy weaponry. And then throw vampires into the mix. Out for PS5 and PS4 on 20th September 2022, a lengthy look at gameplay has us yearning for more.

The 10-minute clip takes us through a number of different locations, including a classic, beaten-down town straight out of the cowboy era and a dark forest. A variety of weapons appears to be on offer, but then you can also get up close and personal with some melee moves. Then you can cast abilities to take down enemies in style. We particularly like the look of the finishing moves — they're packed full of gore and flair.

With the month of September looking to be a somewhat quiet one for PS5, PS4 releases, Evil West might be one to pencil in for your wishlist. It's saying and showing all the rights things in the lead-up to launch, at the very least.

From the team that made Shadow Warrior — Flying Wild Hog — you're almost guaranteed an adventure packed full of action and fun traversal. There's also a quick glimpse at the upgrade system built into the pause menu. Are you interested in Evil West? Pick out your cowboy hat in the comments below.

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