Dark fairy tales are ripe for video game adaptation, and Bramble: The Mountain King shows us exactly why. We got a scintillating look at gameplay in a new trailer shown off at the Future Games Fest, which leaves us wanting more. Fans of Little Nightmares definitely need to check this one out.

Inspired by Nordic Fables, Bramble: The Mountain King tells the tale of Olle, a young boy who has set off on an adventure in order to rescue his sister, who has been kidnapped by a monstrous troll. Olle must make his way through a deadly, beautiful world, where creatures straight out of a nightmare, or a storybook, lurk around every corner.

While we don't have a firm release date yet, Bramble: The Mountain King is coming to PS4 in 2023. Does this look like a journey you would want to embark upon? Tell us a story in the comments section below.

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