Another live-action trailer for the critically-acclaimed and wildly-successful RPG Elden Ring has been released and, well, it's pretty weird.

It features UFC star Israel Adesanya, who spends around a minute trying to get gamers pumped up to go out and be the best Elden Lord they can be, all the while doing a pretty decent Elden Ring cosplay.

Pretty big flex from publisher Bandai Namco to put out an accolades trailer four months after launch, but certainly well deserved.

You will most likely recall that we actually got another live-action Elden Ring trailer back in early March, this time featuring actress and model Ming-Na Wen:

This trailer runs for closer to two minutes, in which Wen exhorts players to seek the Elden Ring. It's just about as awkward, but no less memorable, and we suppose that is the point after all.

What is the most memorable video game commercial you can remember seeing? Has Israel Adesanya inspired you to finally become the Elden Lord? Let us know in the comments section below, while we cower in fear.

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