DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio that brought us Life Is Strange and Vampyr, has been around for 14 years now. Its anniversary has just passed, as a matter of fact, and to celebrate, the company has undergone a visual overhaul, and a slight name change. It's now called DON'T NOD, and it has a spiffy new logo to go along with the new name.

Obviously, for most of us it's an extremely minor shift, but the developer is clearly chuffed with this new identity. "I am very proud of the journey that DON’T NOD has been on over the past 14 years," says CEO Oskar Guilbert in a press release. "The company has evolved in many ways with a strong will to lead the way in creating and publishing meaningful entertainment, through original and relatable stories, which empower our talents and players to inspire change, however small. This new brand’s visual overhaul will help us convey our core identity".

Indeed, the company has expanded with a new location in Canada, and is shifting into the world of games publishing. In the same press release, it's stated the studio has "six internal projects" in development right now, and is working to self-publish these as well as help release some third-party games. The above video shows how DON'T NOD intends to adapt the new logo to match each game, simultaneously teasing said titles.

So, it's all systems go over at DON'T NOD — what do you make of this change? Are you looking forward to the studio's new games? Tell us in the comments section below.

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