Grid PS Vita
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

The PS Vita was dealt a pretty unfair hand. Launched at a time when the handheld market was facing stiff competition from smartphones, Sony's last portable had power, ability, and some great games – but it simply couldn't find the mass market penetration it needed to succeed against Nintendo's 3DS (and even that machine, despite selling well, lacked the ubiquitous nature of its forerunner, the DS).

Still, a small but loyal group of people really loved the PS Vita, and we'd imagine those same people will adore the notion of having a framed console on their wall. The people over at Grid Studio – who take busted consumer tech and turn it into works of art – have kindly sent us some samples of their Sony-related products, and the PS Vita example really does make us feel all nostalgic about the underappreciated handheld.

Grid Studio also has a framed PSP, as well as a framed PS4 DualShock controller. The company has stated that the items it uses in these products were faulty at the time they were torn apart, so you needn't worry about perfectly fine PS Vitas and PSPs being sacrificed just to find their way onto your bedroom wall. The negative to this is that the consoles often have marks, scuffs or other blemishes on their casing, but you could say that all adds to the charm.

Grid's products aren't cheap, but they're nonetheless an interesting way of not only 'saving' dead hardware, but also creating a unique tribute at the same time.

If you fancy making a purchase, then you can use the code 'HS15' to get 15 per cent off any purchase from Grid's website.

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Thanks to Grid Studio for supplying the samples seen in this piece.