The latest instalment in the long-running Science Adventure series of visual novels, Anonymous;Code, is getting an English release, according to a cryptic tease from developer MAGES.

Replying to a question asking for news of an English release for the game on Facebook, the MAGES account replied with a string of hexadecimal code: 536f6f6e2e.

Converted to English, the line of code translates simply to "soon".

The Science Adventure series is beloved by visual novel fans, with the most famous entry in the series probably being Steins;Gate (and you can check out our review of that title here).

Anonymous;Code was released on PS4 on 28 July in Japan, and you can check out the Japanese trailer above to get an idea of the tone of the game.

Are you a fan of the Science Adventure series? Are you eagerly awaiting the Western release of Anonymous;Code? Close the loop with us in the comments section below.

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