Destruction AllStars PS5

Destruction AllStars gets a bad rap, but it's a pretty entertaining multiplayer game these days. As we discovered going hands on again with it recently, developer Lucid Games has been making strides to improve the vehicle combat title, and it's now in a much better spot than it was at launch. The latest update brings a brand new game mode: Jumpshot, and it's live in the game now.

This new mode makes good use of both the cars and the on-foot characters. Four teams of three gain control of a gear each. One player holds it on-foot while their teammates rack up points by destroying opponents. When you're satisfied you have a good bank of points, you jump through the goal in the middle, and then control of the gear passes to the next player on your team.

It's an interesting new twist on what's come before, and we like how the on-foot characters play a larger role in this one. Will you be hopping into Destruction AllStars to check out Jumpshot? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.