Ecco the Dolphin 1

IGN will announce a new game from SEGA tomorrow at 10AM PT/6PM BST, but it could be a real monkey’s paw reveal. A teaser clip posted to the website’s Twitter account appears to include a sound sample from iconic adventure game Ecco the Dolphin – but common wisdom suggests this may actually be a sci-fi first-person shooter from Creative Assembly. So, what gives?

Well, over a year ago, VGC reported that the Alien Isolation team was making a multiplayer FPS with various SEGA references. This was reinforced by a job listing posted to the team’s social media account, which showed a traditional space station setting, with a number of nods to classic franchises, like Super Monkey Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog. If this is the project IGN is poised to reveal, then the Ecco the Dolphin sound effects would make sense, we suppose.

All will be revealed in the next 24 hours, and it’ll need to be a strong showing, because conceptually this sounds rather strange. For the time being, we’ll try to retain an open mind.