Aliens: Dark Descent is the latest in a long line of games based on the iconic film franchise. Coming from Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive, it's a slightly different spin — a singleplayer, isometric shooter with a tactical twist.

"Explore the horrors and wonders of the Alien universe like never before, immersing yourself in a brand new Alien storyline that introduces a new threat and a cast of new marines to the iconic horror franchise," reads the press release. "Uncover planet Lethe’s sinister secret, battle against an onslaught of iconic Xenomorph creatures and put an end to this new menace".

While you play the game solo, you fight alongside some squad mates, and it's up to you to command their actions. "Recruit, gear up and customize your squad of Marines with an extensive arsenal of weapons, armor, and special abilities while exploring, as enemies will adapt their tactics to your actions to hunt you down".

The game is pencilled in for release in 2023 on PS5 and PS4. Are you looking forward to Aliens: Dark Descent? Tell us in the comments section below.