We had a tease of Bloober Team's latest game earlier this week, and now we know what it is, even if it was a little obvious. Layers of Fears is its name, the third entry in the horror series. Check out its announcement trailer above.

Details are relatively thin on the ground, but we do know that it's coming to PS5, and it's being made in Epic's stunning Unreal Engine 5. You can see for yourself above that it's shaping up to be a looker, with plenty of freaky imagery throughout a psychological horror experience.

"Players who seek mature stories with hidden meanings should prepare for an exquisite horror experience thanks to the expanded plot lines that will cast a new light on the overarching narrative," reads the press release. "They will face spine-chilling madness that extends over generations".

Layers of Fears has a vague release window of early 2023. Are you excited for this one? Paint us a picture in the comments section below.