Bill & Ted PS5 PlayStation 5 1

We’re using the word bogus in the headline as titular duo Bill & Ted would, because while this may sound unlikely – well, there really is a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Retro Collection coming to the PS5 and PS4! No, seriously! Retro compilations are enjoying a bit of a boom right now, and this package will bundle together the NES title Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure and the Game Boy release Bill & Ted’s Excellent Game Boy Adventure: A Bogus Journey – both originally published by LJN (!!!) in 1991.

The NES game was an RPG that attracted some awful reviews in the early 90s, while the Game Boy game was more of a platformer that didn’t perform much better. Both titles are, if we’re being honest, garbage. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to pre-order physical copies from Limited Run Games starting 9th June, 2022 – because why not, eh?