Assassin's Creed Valhalla just keeps on rolling, doesn't it? Support for the game is approaching its conclusion, but it sounds like the Norse adventure is going out with a bang. Valhalla is getting a number of updates over the next few months, including new Tombs of the Fallen, which will wrap up that part of the narrative.

But what Ubisoft is calling Valhalla's "most ambitious" additional game mode launches this summer. 'The Forgotten Saga' has players once again take on the role of Odin, as they attempt to force their way into the realm of Niflheim. This new mode takes inspiration from the rogue-lite formula, revolving around combat as you fight against increasingly difficult foes, all while upgrading your arsenal.

And then after that, near the end of the year, the final chapter in Eivor's story will be released. Both The Forgotten Saga and this final chapter will be available to all players as free updates. Nice!

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