The ridiculously titled Evotinction is back. Originally announced years ago as part of Sony's China Hero Project, this stealth action game is certainly looking in better shape in this new trailer.

You play as a scientist who's caught up inside a facility full of hostile, AI-driven drones, and it's down to you to escape. What ensues is a lot of crouch-walking, hiding behind desks, and hacking various tech to give yourself the upper hand.

It looks like it could be a neat cross between Metal Gear Solid-style sneaking and Watch Dogs' hacking mechanics. The jury is still out on the narrative, which will unsurprisingly deal with human evolution in an automated world, but there's potential here.

The game is heading to PS5 and PS4 later this year, although we don't have a proper date yet. What do you think of Evotinction? Stay in the shadows in the comments section below.