Don't worry, You Suck at Parking isn't some scathing remark on your driving ability, it's just the name of this unusual little indie game. Developed by Happy Volcano, this is a top-down racer that swaps out a finish line for a parking space, and your goal is to stop within the lines ā€” or as close as you can manage. Of course, various outlandish obstacles stand between you and parking prowess.

The above trailer is confirmation of the game's multiplayer mode, which takes the already madcap levels and throws up to eight players together, fighting to park in that precious spot. It looks like extremely chaotic fun ā€” we can see this being hilarious and unbelievably frustrating in equal measure.

The game is set for release on consoles sometime this year, including PlayStation, though it's not clear whether that's PS5 as well as PS4. We're certainly curious to learn more, but what about you? What do you think of You Suck at Parking? Reverse into the comments section below.