Famous Yakuza faces Kazuma Kiryu and Kaoru Sayama will release as skins for two Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege from Tuesday 24th May 2022. The former will be a skin for Echo while the latter is applied to Hibana, both of which are Japanese. At the end of the announcement trailer embedded above, it's teased that Goro Majima will also be making his way to the Ubisoft FPS as another skin for Echo.

Despite how much swagger and sheer coolness oozes out of Kazuma Kiryu, this isn't exactly the crossover we had in mind. Rainbow Six: Siege is always seen as a very serious shooter, so it'll be interesting to see how the community takes to seeing Kiryu — and indeed Goro Majima — running about its hardcore maps. Taking orders from the Yakuza protagonist (except for Yakuza: Like a Dragon), though? Sign us up.

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