Nacon and developer KT Racing have announced WRC Generations, this year's officially licensed rally racer. It ditches the number, but this is in essence WRC 11, and will be the studio's final game in the series before the licence moves to Codemasters.

The game will feature all the cars, teams, and stages from the 2022 season, which introduces hybrid vehicles for the first time. With the new cars comes new physics and new gameplay mechanics; you'll have to manage the battery usage throughout a course, choosing when to swap between electricity and regular fuel.

In addition to all the modern stuff will be a selection of historic cars, as well as the ability to share custom liveries online and a revamped online experience, allowing players to compete in leagues. It all sounds pretty good to us — the last couple of WRC games have been consistently good, so here's hoping KT Racing goes out with a bang.

The game is set for release on 13th October 2022. Are you ready to get behind the wheel once again? Shred those tyres in the comments section below.