Virtua Fighter 5 may, at its core, be a game that dates all the way back to 2006 – that’s over 15 years, folks – but it remains one of the fresher fighters on the PS Store thanks to SEGA’s ongoing support for Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown. Alright, so the core mechanics are largely unchanged, but the continued addition of crossover costumes is helping the game feel new.

The latest expansion – as previously announced and finally arriving on 1st June – sees 19 iconic characters from Tekken 7 integrated into SEGA’s legendary brawler. It’s important to note that these are customisations for Virtua Fighter 5’s existing cast, so don’t expect any combat changes or anything like that. Nevertheless, we reckon the outfits look fun, and are easily recognisable.

“Along with new character costumes, players will be able to enjoy 20 BGM tracks from Tekken 7 as they compete to become the next Virtua Fighter legend,” a press release from SEGA reads. “In addition, this new DLC includes a Tekken 7 battle UI and two new titles.” A pretty novel and extensive collaboration all in all, then – SEGA should team up with Sony and do PlayStation heroes next.