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Prey (2017) just turned five this week, proving once more that time is a vortex. However, we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to once again remind the masses that Prey is bloody brilliant.

This first-person sci-fi horror has never quite been held in the same regard to its Arkane brethren, such as Dishonored, or more recently, Deathloop. To us, that's one of the greatest gaming injustices, as not only do we believe that Prey is just as good as those other titles, we believe it's actually better.

If that’s a statement or claim that you are struggling to wrap your head around, head on over to the Push Square YouTube channel, where we break down exactly why we believe Prey to be Arkane’s best game.

This whole topic does come with a pinch of sadness of course, due to the still healing wound of the Bethesda and Microsoft acquisition, which means that any further Arkane titles — one can always dream of a Prey 2 — will sadly not be showing up on our beloved PlayStation platform. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to celebrate what we do have.

Prey is an excellent rendition of an open world that deserves all the praise it can get. So let us know what you thought of this underrated sci-fi romp. Where do you think it stands in the Arkane rankings? And while we wouldn’t get it on PlayStation, would you even be interested in a sequel?

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