Those with a fear of the deep ocean may want to steer clear of Silt as it announces a PlayStation 5, PS4 launch for 1st June 2022. This underwater adventure title is set deep within the depths of the blue sea, tying the knot between puzzles and a striking black and white visual style. The most interesting aspect of all is the protagonist's ability to possess the creatures you encounter and use their abilities to solve the brain teasers and environmental challenges at the bottom of the ocean.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Spiral Circus programmer Dom Clarke explains how the game was first brought to life through ink-on-paper art. These depictions were then translated into game form. "It was essential that the game looked like one of Tom’s paintings and not like his art had been transplanted out of context into something else. The idea was to give Tom near total control over the look of the game right from inside the drawing program."

Clarke continues: "This means control over composition, camera framing, tonal contrast, lighting, shadow, texture, fog, all the stuff he would just draw naturally if he were working on one of his pieces." One of the biggest ambitions behind Silt is to make it unique and surreal, according to the programmer. We'll play for ourselves from 1st June 2022.