Twisted Metal PS5 PlayStation 5 1

The cast for Peacock’s upcoming action comedy adaptation of Twisted Metal is getting fleshed out, meaning its full speed ahead for Sony’s flagship car combat series. Over the weekend it was confirmed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz would play a car thief called Quiet, and now Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church has been signed up as Agent Stone, a “cold and unyielding post-apocalyptic highway patrolman who rules the roads with a silver tongue and a twisted iron fist”.

Both will be flanked by Marvel’s Anthony Mackie, who’ll play John Doe, as he seeks to deliver a mysterious package in an apocalyptic wasteland. Fans of the game may remember Agent Stone from the original Twisted Metal game, while Doe debuted in Twisted Metal: Black on the PS2. But don’t expect this to be especially faithful to the plot of the games – beyond the obligatory exploding cars, of course.

There’s no release date attached to the TV show yet, although episodes will be delivered in 30 minute chunks. As previously reported, NBC’s streaming network Peacock has secured exclusive rights to the first season in the United States. Sony’s newly established TV and movie department PlayStation Productions is currently playing the field, with HBO producing The Last of Us and Amazon Prime allegedly poised to sign God of War.