Supermassive Games is all-in on its brand of branching narrative horror titles. After the success of Until Dawn, the studio went on to make the Dark Pictures Anthology, and now it's on the brink of releasing its latest — The Quarry. Published by 2K Games, this upcoming game reverts back to the formula found in the Sony-published fan favourite, and you get a good taste for it in the above new trailer.

In it, director Will Byles talks us through what to expect from The Quarry. As we know, players will control several adolescent camp counsellors who spend a spooky final night together, and things of course go awry. Gameplay-wise, it looks like the typical Supermassive formula we all know; you'll take control in order to make key decisions throughout the story, and engage in quick-time events during action-heavy scenes.

The big takeaway we get from this video is that this seems like a merging of Until Dawn and Dark Pictures. In terms of presentation and scope, it veers closer to the former, while the team has introduced all kinds of cool features from the latter. This includes online and local multiplayer options so you can enjoy the game with buddies, a movie mode that sees the game play itself under certain variables, and more. Speaking of multiplayer, the game's online features will unfortunately be delayed by a few weeks.

The Quarry is out on 10th June for PS5 and PS4. Are you looking forward to this one? Don't get jumpy in the comments section below.