The Callisto Protocol PS5

Striking Distance Studios promised an update on its upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol would be shared this week, and here it is: the title takes over the front cover of the next Game Informer issue. A few new images have been released to accompany the reveal, and many more details will be shared in the magazine itself.

The protagonist has been revealed as a chap called Jacob Lee, who must "survive the terrors of Jupiter's second-larget moon and its suspicious prison". Game Informer saw the game in action and then interviewed members of Striking Distance Studios. Once the issue goes to print, we'll learn more about the origin of the developer, the secrets behind how it creates tension, and how gameplay actually works.

Of course, we'll bring you any details that make their way online. The Callisto Protocol is still slated to release for PS5 later this year. What do you make of these new images? Let us know in the comments below.