Star Ocean: The Divine Force PS5 PS4

JRPG Star Ocean: The Divine Force will not be part of this week's State of Play livestream, Square Enix has essentially confirmed. In a post from the series' official Twitter account, it's announced the next reveal will take place in late June.

"We are working diligently to meet your expectations. I would appreciate it if you could give me some time," the tweet says. Since the game was originally confirmed during a State of Play presentation, a second appearance would have seemed like a fairly safe bet prior to this news. Now fans must wait a little longer for the next piece of information.

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That's not to say Square Enix will be skipping the show entirely, however. The publisher has debuted quite a few of its titles during State of Play livestreams, with the two latest ones being The DioField Chronicle and Valkyrie Elysium. The confirmation more Star Ocean: The Divine Force news is coming at the end of June could also suggest the Japanese company has its own show planned for that timeframe, but that's purely speculation. Either way, fans will just want to see Final Fantasy XVI.

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