Developer Cradle Games is treating its Souls-like RPG Hellpoint to a native PlayStation 5 version and the Blue Sun DLC on 12th July 2022. A free PS4 to PS5 upgrade will be offered to current owners, granting access to a 4K resolution, 60 frames-per-second, and reduced load times on Sony's latest system. A press release makes no mention of how much the Blue Sun expansion will cost, but it will add new locations and story content.

"In this new adventure, the Spawn will delve into strange, never-before-seen locations within Irid Novo, behold the influence of the cosmic gods and discover the true cause of the Merge cataclysm." The DLC will include new armour sets and two-handed weapons as well as community requested features like inventory management and stat respec options. The Steam page also makes mention of a new Contract system. Three new areas will make up the Blue sun parallel dimension.

We didn't review the PS4 version of Hellpoint when it launched in July 2020, and the Metacritic average points towards it being a safe skip. A rating of 59 was awarded following 17 verdicts, but maybe this PS5 version can at least improve the game on the technical side. Would you recommend Hellpoint? Let us know why in the comments below.