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Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

It’s been a rough few months for PS5 stock, with even Microsoft claiming that it’s stealing market share from Sony’s console. But there have been signs around the world that things are slowly beginning to improve, with availability being a bit better in the UK – and that being reflected in the software sales charts, where exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West are regularly enjoying a bump on the back of new hardware arriving.

While things are a long way away from being where the company would like them to be, it is forecasting an improvement for the coming fiscal year. In its latest financial report, the firm revealed that just 11.5 million units were shipped over the past 12 months, but for the coming year it plans to ship 18 million units, which is a significant increase. It’s important to remember that this could change – the ongoing lockdowns in China will certainly be a concern – but it’s a positive indication at least.

Of course, with demand far outpacing supply, none of this means you can expect to walk into a shop and purchase a PS5 any time soon – even if Sony hits its shipment targets. It’s likely that the hardware will remain scarce, but hopefully it’ll be that little bit easier to snag if you’re in the market for a machine. If you’d like to stay up to date, we’re keeping track of the latest PS5 stock developments through the link, so be sure to bookmark that page.