Silent Hill

Blimey, how long have these Silent Hill rumours been circulating now? It feels like an eternity. We've heard Konami's horror IP is being brought back in numerous ways; Bloober Team is said to be involved, and a separate game is allegedly-but-almost-certainly-not in production under Hideo Kojima. There's so much hearsay that it's easier to just plug your ears and wait for official confirmation — if indeed a new Silent Hill really is coming.

The latest in this ongoing saga is a new "leak" courtesy of Dusk Golem, who has some degree of reliability. In a handful of tweets, the so-called insider shares four images apparently related to the new Silent Hill game. They insist the pictures are legitimate and claim to have further proof up their sleeve. It's all too easy to be sceptical of things like this, but what's curious about this leak is that the images in Dusk Golem's tweet have all been removed.

Each of the pictures has been taken down in a copyright claim, and Dusk Golem's account was temporarily locked. It makes the images seem that much more real, doesn't it?

If you're wondering what the images are, you can view them through here. The most notable is the image of a woman's face made up of labels, with messages like "I hate myself" resting just below the surface. Another image also features hundreds of sticky notes with a creepy figure at the end of a red hallway. The final two pictures show a decrepit room full of rubbish and wallpaper peeling away from the walls. It certainly looks like a modern horror game.

Obviously, we're no closer to knowing whether Silent Hill truly is making a grand return, but these curious new images certainly raise one or two questions. What do you think? Is Dusk Golem's leak legit? Does the removal of the images actually make them more believable? Discuss in the comments section below.