The brand new PS Plus tiers have now launched in some Asian countries, and it's on the cusp of a Western release too. Despite this, we still only have a partial grasp on what to expect from the catalogue of modern and classic games available with Extra and Premium. Sony has stayed surprisingly quiet thus far, and so subscribers are making discoveries for themselves. Case in point: an official PS Plus banner image featuring Regina of the Dino Crisis series.

Spotted by PS5 players on Asian accounts, a tile promoting PS Plus Premium's classic games catalogue shows off the character clear as day:

We've seen multiple people screencapping this and sharing it around, and we'll try to verify this as well. For the moment, though, this appears to be legit, suggesting that Dino Crisis will be coming to the collection in the future. As of right now, the game isn't included, making Regina an odd choice to promote the classics range.

Something worth remembering is that the lineup of titles coming to PS Plus will vary between territories, so even though it looks like the Capcom fan favourite is heading to Hong Kong, that might not be true for other parts of the world. Still, if Sony is putting Regina front and centre, it suggests Dino Crisis is being treated as a big get.

We'll obviously have to wait and see how this shakes out. PS Plus is due to launch in the US and Europe in the coming weeks. For all the up-to-date info, check out our All PS Plus Games guide. Would you like to see Dino Crisis join PS Plus Premium? Tell us in the comments section below.

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